NHL Game Highlights | Flames vs. Bruins – Feb. 13, 2018

NHL Game Highlights | Flames vs. Bruins – Feb. 13, 2018

Patrice Bergeron and Riley Nash both found the back of the net twice as the Boston Bruins beat the Calgary Flames 5-2.

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deonal says:

The Bruins taking care of business, knocking off a mid to lower echelon team. Next…

purpleDANDY13 says:

Bergy for MVP

Codiac Club says:

Come on flames lets not lose our chance at the playoffs!!

Theburningtank 7 says:

I love Boston yees

George Ingraham says:

I hope the Bruins win the cup this year just so I can here Marchand haters say it does not count because Marchand should be banned.

Peter Griffin says:


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