02/13/18 Condensed Game: Blackhawks @ Golden Knights

02/13/18 Condensed Game: Blackhawks @ Golden Knights

Extended highlights of the Chicago Blackhawks at the Vegas Golden Knights

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Nathan Toth says:

Could be closing time for Coach Q & that's a shame.

Асыл Бек says:

Спасибо тебе Вегас благодаря тебе я седня бабла поднял

TheBigTomahawk says:

Anyone see the bandwagon wearing Crawford's jersey on the bottom left of the screen at 8:23 switching teams lol.

Binger Daddy says:

shouldn't these dweebs be at the Olympics

also can someone explain to me the penalty shot call? was it because Sharpe stepped on that stray stick?

Бобби Халл says:

Хуйня!!! Прорвемся…. Не в этом сезоне, так в следующем..

Jonathan N.T. says:

The knights are like king ghidorah. Three headed beast of a team no one can handle right now

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