NHL Game Highlights | Lightning vs. Maple Leafs – Feb. 12, 2018

NHL Game Highlights | Lightning vs. Maple Leafs – Feb. 12, 2018

William Nylander scored two goals and recorded an assist while Auston Matthews assisted on three goal as the Toronto Maple Leafs held on to defeat the Tampa Bay Lightning.

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Ziggmanster says:

We're Canada's team for a reason.

Maverick P says:

Wasn't sure what to think of Francois St. Laurent and his officiating team. Man, I just want to see a game with some constientcy this season. Didn't cost the Leafs but geez the officiating has been a joke this year and I want them to hammer this out before some bullshit happens in the playoffs.

Fake Hipster says:

That Nylander breakaway snipe. Good god that's something special

Nick M says:

Who compiles the highlights for you guys? A chimpanzee with ADHD?

Peter Grant says:

Looked like a very entertaining game 🙂

cche16 says:

matthews and nylander are one of the best duos in the nhl.

Jack Blunt says:


Will Xbox Gamer says:

Missed a good game thank goodness for highlights

fart muncher says:

Toronto's gonna win the cup now.

Baba Yaga says:

The more I watch Rielly, the less I see him as a top pairing D man. Sure he's a pretty good offensive D man that skates well, but he makes a lot of terrible decisions. The Kilhorn goal was stuff you see from 5th or 6th D men in Junior. Just keep the guy to the outside. The Kucherov goal? What was he doing on that play? Was he just going for a casual skate and forgot he was playing an NHL game? People constantly rag on Gardiner for his terrible decision making, which is warranted, but no one ever calls out Rielly for his lack of awareness and decisions. I understand that he's 23 and D men take a while to mature, but it's his 5th season. I've seen his offensive game steadily improve from last season but his defensive game is seriously lacking and I honestly don't see it improving.

11 16 says:

Who else was there

Aunt Jemima says:

Vasilefsky is so ass

epikus anon says:

Shot by khadri was a goal – off the water bottle.

Bob Ross says:

Will Ny the scoring guy

JonC ee says:

Leafs score: "he scores". Lightning score: "HEEE SCOOOOOOOOOOO0000000RRRRRRRRRRRREEEEES!!!!!!!"

Adam Burlo says:

Damn it I missed the game, oh well see you guys Thursday at 1am 🙂

StephCurryEats3s says:

Please win a game normally,
-Signed everyone that doesn't want a heart attack

daryl darichuk says:

We need to work on holding a lead. 3-0 on home ice, and some terrible turnovers.

Andrew Persaud says:

matthews stepped up his passing game today. not gonna lie he's been lacking in that department. hopefully he can keep it up

Jeff Pleckaitis says:

Little wee willy nylander does it again.

masvindu says:

This is why the leafs shouldn't trade Kris Russell.

FB 25 says:

Matthews > Laine

FB 25 says:

Leafs > Riotcouver Cansucks

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