Crosby’s 400th goal, robotic hand puck drop take center stage

Crosby’s 400th goal, robotic hand puck drop take center stage

Sidney Crosby scores his 400th career goal as Hailey Dawson drops the ceremonial puck with her 3-D printed hand in Las Vegas on an action-packed day filled with awesome saves and gorgeous finishes

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Doucette.4 says:

What about Murray robbing tarasenko

4 Bacon bros says:

Ov may almost have 600 but how many cups does ov have??????? And how many cups does sid have ??????

Derrick Alvestal says:

I’m surprised Pavelskis shootout goal wasn’t featured. It was dirty

Dean Bryant says:

This will be old news soon as my boy Ovi get 600.

Justin S says:

Congrats NHL on giving the credit to the robotic hand and not the little girl it belongs to.

MrCdub88 says:

Virtanens goal over Vaneks slapper from the Sedins? Cmon NHL show the BEST of the night.

Сергей Куйвам says:

Good work! Almost as good as Ovy!

dog rat says:

3:02 high five 😬😬😬😬

Shockwave315 says:

Cizikas 😎😎

davism131 says:

Crosby is a good player, but he will never be close to Gretzky. Tired of the "he is the greatest player ever" narrative

Annie Schaber says:

I can't stand the Devils announcers or the preadators announcers either

Daniel Methot says:

00:22 wtf

ALEX LE KK says:

I hope Crosby will score 600 goals in his career one day, but if he could've played in 1990, he would already have 650 minimum

ALEX LE KK says:

1:09 greatest goal ever

Justin Ganz says:

Anyone know the reason behind the Vegas Golden Knights siren? Seems like a ripoff of the Hurricanes or the same type. I get the reason for Carolina but I don’t understand Vegas?

Biff Danielson says:

Giving little girls a robotic prosthetic is awesome!

dj Royal Tee says:

What a fuked up edit…doesn't even show the actual play, some slo mo replay. #editfail #djrtnyc

Benny_bricks says:

Can't stand the caps announcer.

krystal says:

Crosby the real GOAT.. Gretzky or Lemieux wouldn’t dominate as much as they would in today’s game

NerdyGuy84 says:

Congrats Crosby

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