02/12/18 Condensed Game: Panthers @ Oilers

02/12/18 Condensed Game: Panthers @ Oilers

Extended highlights of the Florida Panthers at the Edmonton Oilers

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Tom Lunsford says:

Well deserved win

Nathan Toth says:

Great game.

Beamzy says:

Matthews > McDavid. Don't @ me.

Michaeljohn says:

Panthers new logo sucks balls.

Collin Jackson says:

What happened to talbot… Sad to see this

Ватник КГБ says:

Фигасе Дадонов ускорился из своей зоны. Малорик седня!

Sergei B says:

Жека красава!

OVI-Wan Kenobi says:

Trocheck > McDavid

ReBootEnzo says:

I feel sorry for the people who go to Oilers games with the hopes that they'll actually make the playoffs. Just kidding, I don't.

Алексей Бурланков says:

Женя – молодчик, так держать!

Freedom ForAll says:

Holey Talbot.

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