The Best Slap Shot Goals from Week 14

The Best Slap Shot Goals from Week 14

Big Buff launches his 2nd goal of the season, Ryan Getzlaf unleashes a nasty slapper and Leon Draisaitl shoots a wicked shot past Ben Bishop in the best of slap shots goal from week 14

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Grant Hengsteler says:

Is there not a better sound than this? 1:50

BoLieveInCanucks says:

Wtf Washington’s goal vs Vancouver shouldn’t have counted

DansXe says:

Episode 13 is here. Fix the all star game. Chiarelli the Don. Sabres fighting and bad form from Sportsnet Twitter.

Leafs Highlights/Peaks says:

Oh these are sweet. Maybe not as good as my Matthews highlights on my channel tho!!

Jake Fisher says:

I know your stealing

Hornets fan #hornets life says:


The Real Canadian Bacon says:

4, how many n**** are in my store?

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