Weird NHL Vol. 5

Weird NHL Vol. 5

Funny fans, terrible suits, blade-less skates, and Bob with an unexpected but timely blunder… It’s the best of the weird, the wacky, and the odd in the latest edition of Weird NHL!

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fat memer says:

That sliding ref is a real g

Donky Shazamabam says:

What the hell was Beauchemin mouthing? Tried reading his lips but I got nothin

DannyIan Bh says:

Not gonna show that Staal was tripped by the hawks player and that’s why he slid in to the net with the puck?

Jack Cough says:

ovechkin using his blade as a backscratcher is weird? scott darling protecting himself on the bench is weird? whoever came up with this video deserves to be fired.

JT Vickery says:

I'm surprised Sami Vatanen messing with the puck while in the penalty box isn't on here 😂😂

Jaden Moore says:

Does NHL pin comments?

Cameron Cruz says:

0:33 “Bobrovsky’s been really good for them”
Bob channels his inner Jonathan Bernier

Woelfi _02 says:

9:23 Oh my god, he's a genius!😂 Hilarious!

Really?! says:

Love how the NHL is getting more involved with the fans by posting more on Social Media. Everyone still hates bettman tho

Really?! says:

"Southern Manners"
I'm not sure if that was supposed to be a serious or ironic statement

King of Memes says:

3:16 saddest moment of 2018. press f to pay respects

Evan Little says:

1000th view

Keir Patrick says:

Bobrowski got scored on by Nick Paul!

sadik team 09 says:

Toronto oilers capitals otava panters Islanders dalastars Boston tampa sharks Chicago reniers

Levi Washburn says:

0:01 #REDVOLUTION Look! It's Tv's Own Mike Maniscalco 6:08

sadik team 09 says:

Toronto oilers capitalt otava

Yannick Möbius says:

Looks like Maple Leafs fails of the season

matiaas kivi says:

Niicceeee like that comment

Anthony Guild says:

Ian Walsh is my spirit animal

willyjeff85 says:

Maple Leafs facepalm

The Fake N8 says:

Spew off Subban

The Real Canadian Bacon says:

Here before its hd

Renegade Cz says:

My favorite series on YT right now. Keep them coming.

charles André sicard says:

Good vidéo

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