Memories: Matthews’ record-breaking debut

Memories: Matthews’ record-breaking debut

On October 12, 2016, Auston Matthews made a remarkable debut, becoming the first player ever to light up the lamp four times in their NHL debut

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officialSwissSeal TV says:

Matthew played in zurich for the ZSC Lions i was there i live there im proud that i saw him playing for my team:)

John Miller says:

Anddd they still lost that game….

woodencan says:

At this point in just gonna started flagging these videos as spam. This is getting ridiculous.

aplayaz2000 says:

that loss will never take the feels away… the second goal left me in awe


Maple queefs

Lord of Games says:

4th comment

Seraphim Fahmy says:

if only he could do that during the 6-3 loss toronto just got saddled with XD

Luc Cote says:

I can’t score 4 goals in AAA hockey and this man got 4 in the nhl damn

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