10 Amazing Goals from Opening Week of the 2017-18 season

10 Amazing Goals from Opening Week of the 2017-18 season

Take a look at the Top 10 Goals from the NHL’s opening week.

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"Top 10 goals of opening week"
shows Alexander Ovechkin compilation

Alex 87 says:

Gaudreau shut be 2-3

Ronit Narayanan says:

I thought McDavids was gonna be first
He totally deserves it for that amazing goal
I don’t get how he isn’t on here

HawksFan 007 says:

I think Patty Kane mighta high fived the ref…

BeyondGold99 says:


James Hatfield says:

Patrick Kane is so technically superior to everyone, just wow. What a Guy.

G Kang says:

Neal with the clutch goal

SMG2fanatic says:

Am I the only one that thinks the oiler jerseys look hideous? They changed the shades I think it looks so drab and ugly, unlike their usual vibrancy

Faheem D says:

If your a goalie on this list that means your a really good goalie cause you got beat by a great move

Gregory Melton says:

Okay #5,4, and the second play on 2 should be lower. Skill beats luck and skill mixed.

Joey Rose says:

Ayyyyy straight to Labanc

NBA Hive says:

Where's Matthews' goal against the blackhawks?

Oilerfan5 says:

Cuz outskating the entire opposing team at 40km/h isn't considered amazing? let alone mindblowing?

Antoine Lechasseur says:

Where’s the Drouin’s goal in shootouts

Brendan McCormick says:

Spinning slapshot to top cheddar

That deserves higher than that 🤔

xxxsientexxx10 says:

Kane is first not neal!

Lane Mosser says:

Ovi’s is my favorite. Who’s got the better backhand though? Kane or Kucherov? I’m going with Kane.

Only Hockey says:

Лучшая лига мира

Dude Its Jag says:

Tell me how Bo Horvat's goal is on here but McDavid's isn't? McDavids goal was far better.

Xepify says:

Kane is very cool master

Sean Avery says:

Glad to see NHL uploading again. Now we can stop watching Leafsnet.

Evan Waxman says:

3:51 it looks likes Kane is giving the ref a high five

Evan Waxman says:

That moment when the Avalanche are better than the penguins, you know ur team sucks

The Savage Sniper says:


Micah Morrison says:

I think Ovi's goal should be higher, i mean, that's a ridiculous goal. Come on…

Vanessa Kennedy says:

Where r my Rangers—-!!!

Soviet Russia says:

I love seeing my blackhawks getting on the 2nd spot with two vids.

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