10/11/17 Condensed Game: Devils @ Maple Leafs

10/11/17 Condensed Game: Devils @ Maple Leafs

Extended highlights of the New Jersey Devils at the Toronto Maple Leafs

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UngluedSummer says:

6:45 – Was that the Devils fan that Steve was talking about in his latest video?

Ronnie says:

There is no aggression in front of Andersen, opposition have all kinds of time in the dangerous areas

Door Man says:

I don't even want to see Steve Dangle's reaction to this game. This cringe worthy game

Жертва Ералаша says:

Джерси далеко может забраться, Торонто самая веселая команда.

skank hunt42 says:

Well its now confirmed that freedy is a backup goalie if the offense does not score 5+ every night we are done

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