Seattle Could Join the NHL In 2020

Seattle Could Join the NHL In 2020

Bettman is likely already deciding where to spend the money they’ll receive in expansion fees. Key Arena will be renovated/replaced if Seattle City Council is on board with this proposal.

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Brody Hinz says:

Flames are gonna move to Seattle, Houston will be expansion team.

Kevin Korza says:

The idea of Seattle having an NHL team sounds very strange to me because I would think they'd be more interested in getting back the Supersonics.

W. Marczyk says:

Loves hockey and Star Wars, this guy is the best !

The Pittsburgher says:

I would relocate New Jersey to San Diego and have Seattle as an expansion team

peter phillips says:

They need a mayor first

Nathan Poudrier says:

Relocate Arizona to Seattle in a few years and named them the Metropolitan's.

john dehmer says:

I agree, Seattle is getting a team. That's a given. If it's not 32 and say Calgary, do they take the Flames name with them or create a new one? I would hope a new one.

Brandon Bombei says:

Will the 32 team be the last team ever added to the NHL?

blackhawkjim 88 says:

Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaand then the mayor resigns…

Nathan Faas says:

Flames might be leaving Calgary. Team says they are done looking for an arena in Calgary!!!!!

Marc Luu says:

Here the arena situation so far:
660 million arena (Key Arena) (Privately funded) with Bonderman being the owner
But their question about NBA ownership
Chris Hansen Proposal:
New Arena in Sodo (Privately funded)
100 million to convert Key Arena to a concert venue (Also Privately funded)
Questions on NHL Ownership
But all in for NBA expansion

John Mack says:

I read an article today that the Flames have had it with Calgary, in terms of a new arena, and are floating the idea of relocating to Quebec City or Seattle.

Nicholas says:

I could see Colorado going to the Pacific. Having Calgary and Edmonton going to Central. Arizona does not daily late savings. So at times Arizona would be 2 hours behind the central times . Colorado (Denver would not loose that much in time. Denver would have five teams under 2.5 hour flight. Right now Denver has 5 teams under a 2.5 flight. Denver would again a two slightly longer flights Seattle and Vancouver. Denver at the time would have a rivalry with a Las Vegas, Los Angeles Chargers, (NFL). Arizona San Fransisco (Bay team) and Los Angeles (MLB). Denver and Vancouver for the NBA used to be in the same division. Plus is Arizona and Vegas becomes a rival I doubt the NHL would want to break that up since Vegas will need rivals and if adds a lot to Arizona attendance those games it would make Arizona in favor of it For the fans of Colorado they will not have games start when they are driving home from work. Edmonton and Calgary would gain another Canadian rival with Winnipeg while loosing Vancouver.

Shabazz says:

We want the SuperSonics 😂😂 nobody rlly cares about hockey in Seattle tbh

Q Jones says:

Apparently the Calgary owner said he might move the Flames

EpicLameGamer says:

At this point theres no way that Seattle won't have a team

SeaDav018 says:

Vegas to the Central?

Sascha Bor says:

Oh, in my dreams. Hi from a person moving to Seattle in a year

TJ Fan says:

I always wanted Seattle to get their team in the NHL…I been saying this for 4 years that Seattle would be an excellent fit for the NHL. My original though was move Florida to Seattle, move Arizona to Quebec City and in my opinion I didn't Las Vegas to have a hockey team. I think the Vegas Golden Knights will be a flip.

Welcome to Alshentzylvania says:

Seattle gets an expansion team, Arizona moves to the Central as they relocate to Kansas City, Florida relocates to Quebec and Carolina can get one last chance with a larger amount of attention and area for fans.

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