No. 60/100: Ovechkin snipes one past Fleury for 1000th NHL point

No. 60/100: Ovechkin snipes one past Fleury for 1000th NHL point

What better way to get your 1000th NHL point than just 35 seconds into a game against the Pittsburgh Penguins. Alex Ovechkin makes history with a memorable night in January.

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Larry Lunchbucket says:

Matthews > Maurice Richard

TopThrillAnthony says:

Proper rivalry

Ajay Bowal says:

Ca't wait for his 1000th loss to the pens

nametags says:

This just means Sidney's 1000th point is coming soon. Thank god.

C Mac says:

Can't snipe his way to a cup though apparently

Jason Overfield says:

0:38, you told us it was a goal by the title😎

wasienka says:

Nice Wreck-it-Ovie shirt 😀

Thomas Anonymous says:

Yeah let's see, 1000-545= 455 career assists. And people with no ability to use their own brain continue to say he doesn't pass.

Bdonn Films says:

I have a final exam today. Wearing my Ovi sweater so everyone knows I won't pass

ST.Hanet Mohamed says:

My favorite player ever and always will be. But what happenen yo, he used to be arguably better than sid maybe even better. what a player and he'll be back at 40-45 next year imo

Bolt gaming says:

9 likes 80 views dang YouTube logic lol

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