NHL News – Reviewing All NHL Teams Protection Lists

NHL News – Reviewing All NHL Teams Protection Lists

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Link to full list: http://www.tsn.ca/nhl-reveals-protection-lists-ahead-of-expansion-draft-1.782246

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Ben Speyer says:

I'm worried about oshie for the caps

N D88 says:

DOING A MASSIVE TRADE DAY: 98 sc crosby, 98 sc josi, 96 sc subban and more! 1.5 mil start price, gamer tag: Hyper_Voltage99

Will & Reece Fyfe says:

bojoeko  bring back goalie be a pro like last year

joe brown says:

What's ur intro song ?

Caleb Ortiz says:

Where is Dylan Larkin for Detroit ?

WhiteboiRob DeMarco says:

Flyers need to sign weal

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