Jonathan Drouin’s All Goals from the 2016-2017 NHL Season

Jonathan Drouin’s All Goals from the 2016-2017 NHL Season

Watch all Drouin’s goals from the 2016-2017 NHL season!

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mushroomroom007 says:

This kid is an absolute beast. No where near realizing his full NHL potential either. Excellent move by Montreal

Michael Bacon says:

drouin seemed to score a lot in his home teams building. should be very exciting to watch him play at the bell centre

Spot AbeeR says:

9:30 I was like damn this goal was nasty, but then I saw which team they were against …..

CanuckTechNews says:

All his goals seem to come on the PP, I hope he can score more 5 on 5

ArthuroQC says:

bienvenues chez à la maison.

Guy Souriandt says:

Drouin is almost as fast and quick as DriveFor25! 😉

Frédérick Charette says:

Ok, just watched this… wow. wow, wow, wow. Out of 21 goals, there's 20 that are a goal scorer's goals… not scrambling at the mouth of the net, not rebounds, just pure skill, even the empty netter he got thanks to his speed… almost the same mix of speed and stick handling as McDavid, in a smaller frame… Given the analysis showing recent Cup champions winning due to offense rather than goaltending or defense (again this year, the Pens won with two goalies and without Letang…), this now looks to me like one smart move by Bergevin…just let the kid play!

Bob Goudreau says:

Drouin not that far from Mcdavid talent wise.

NSIEGS94 says:

Drouin – Chucky – Lehkonen
Could be a lethal trio if they give Chucky a chance to hone his skills down the middle.

GloveSaveTV says:

Drouin + Galchenyuk + Lehkonen

ProductionsJoe says:

Silky smooth hands, lethal wrister, one of the fastest skaters in the league. he is the real deal.

SpecialistJay says:

5:00 Easily the sexiest goal… Valtteri Filppula is so underrated and we don't have him anymore either 😭😭😭

Seemomo 1 says:

He's going to be really good

SpecialistJay says:

I'm gonna miss this kid man… Good luck in Montreal Johnny ⚡⚡⚡

McLean #38 says:

Were getting a player this skilled… AT 22

OfficialMikeOfTroy says:

Of course it took him getting traded for a video like this to come out, wish I could've seen one of these before he wasn't on my team anymore 🙁

Walltaps says:

Drouin is a beast!!

Devan says:

if Chucky and Drouin can get their shit together and get it going. Boy, goalies are going to look bad

Y Roncero says:

Lol good luck trying to make those individual plays in Montreal. He'll get roasted every time.

I like creative players like him, but Montreal doesn't.

Tech Wiz Master says:


JtheMachine says:

id like to thank you for being on point with those uploads, you are dedicated to it and i appreciate

Anze Kopitar is the best says:

Welcome to montreal Jonathan

Kervens Joseph says:

Welcome to Montreal Drouin 😃

Galvaxatron says:

Tampa has the lamest goal song I have ever heard.

Matthew Lamy says:


Trade Plecky to Vegas with a 2nd rounder include
Maybe sign a top 2 center in free agency for around 4-5mil


Vegas take Davidson



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