NHL News – Vegas Golden Knights New AHL Team

NHL News – Vegas Golden Knights New AHL Team

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falerdog says:

wanted to hear this, couldn't cause of the aids and cancer giving shit in the background. I did remember to give a thumbs down.
don't put that crap in videos.

Swigity Swooty I'm coming for that booty says:

I think that it is too late because the whole schedule would probably be screwed up

Alexis Côté says:

Mtl canadiens are moving from Saint John to Laval this year soo there is either Hamilton or Ice cap etc

Sean Ryan says:

Duke should be their captain

Oscar Levin says:

what about Fort Wayne Komets? can they be the blues AHL affiliate team?

supernioncat says:

hopefully the blues will get an ahl team

Michael O'Grady says:

They can't create an AHL team out of the "blue". Very funny BoJo

Rharriscaps70 says:

and ya theres time because the canadians took there team here in st johns over the offseason it can happen if the city wants it and the team needs it

Rharriscaps70 says:

kansas city is aquiring for the blues ahl team

Joel Crumrine says:

this year the knights and blues will share. it will be good for both teams bc the knights won't really have ahl ready players out of the 2017 draft and an excess of nhl talent from the expansion draft. so those nhl players will help mentor the blues ahl prospects

jeanmi19 guimauve2577 says:

In the ECHL he ave 1 or 2 team he dont ave NHL affiliation

Preston Townsend says:

I read that we were splitting with the golden knights..it would make sense I guess because they don't have that many prospects yet.

Colin Froese says:

The Wolves have one of the ugliest logos in recent sports history

i2 FLY says:

My blues lost the all team shit

Kaiutin44 says:

Will Blues and Golden Knights shared Wolwes?

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